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Commercial Solar Solutions


Make Solar Power Your Business… While saving big with federal tax credits and other federal and state tax benefits.

While many Northern California homeowners have gone green with solar, solar power is also a viable option for business & commercial property owners. Whether your business is a large corporation or a smaller operation, solar power could hold the key to helping you become profitable and environmentally friendly.

Get a Federal Tax Break

Did you know the United States government offers a 30-percent tax credit (investment tax credit) to businesses that install solar power systems? This federal tax credit can be taken all at once or over several years, regardless of how much your installed system costs.

Additional State/Federal Tax Benefits

In addition to the 30-percent federal tax credit under the Federal modified accelerated cost/recovery system (MACRS), businesses may recover investments with a corporate depreciation.

Save by Going Green

Does it make good business sense to continue paying thousands of dollars each month to the local utility? Wouldn't you rather save in the long run by purchasing a solar power system for your business? By depreciating the cost of your system with Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery, the Federal investment tax credit, and avoided energy cost your business can recoup 100 percent of your investment within just a few years.

Green is Red Hot

Businesses that go green are now recognized as community leaders. Many consumers feel better about supporting businesses that help promote a cleaner environment. Your business will benefit greatly from being able to promote itself as a green business that has incorporated environmentally friendly business practices.

No Capital Outlay Options

Do you want to go green but have concerns about how much up-front costs will be involved? Brighter Solutions has the resources and partners to offer operational and equipment leasing options with no upfront cost. If your business meets certain criteria, we can provide your business with a solution that does not require you to provide an up front cost.

Please contact us for more information as to whether your business qualifies for the no upfront cost option.

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Get a Federal Tax Break.

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Save by Going Green.

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Solar power could hold the key to helping you become profitable.